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At True Refrigeration we strive to offer high-quality products and high-quality service. We are dedicated to you, our customers, ensuring we provide you with the best experience, always.

Our deep understanding of the highly demanding requirements of the hospitality industry has always been key to customer satisfaction. Offering support and technical service advice on a regional and multi-lingual scale.

We’re always here if you need help or advice and we want to make it easier for our customers to get in touch or find the information they need. On this page you’ll find an extensive list of some of our most frequently asked questions, so you can receive fast support should you need it.

Click one of the FAQ’s below to find out more. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us.

I have some general questions about a refrigeration requirement for my business, can you help?


Yes, absolutely! Our cold storage experts are available to discuss any refrigeration requirement you might have and can assist in developing solutions to enhance your business. Give us a call, or submit an enquiry through this site, and your local True representative will get in touch.

Why should I spend more money on a commercial refrigerator when a domestic product will do a similar job?


While the two may perform a similar task, their intended use is completely different. Real commercial refrigeration equipment is designed to operate efficiently in demanding kitchen environments, which can combine high ambient temperatures and very frequent door openings. As a result, they are constructed from highly durable materials and use more powerful components to ensure food safe temperatures are recovered quickly. Internally, a commercial unit will use a “forced air” system to distribute cold air around the entire cabinet, to ensure the required temperatures are achieved and maintained.

Within a food business environment, a domestic refrigeration product is simply not fit for purpose. It may be unable to keep up with the demand placed on it, failing to maintain required temperatures, endangering the health of your customers, and fail within a short period of time due to the additional strain.

I’ve seen some commercial refrigeration products now have “energy labels”. What does the information on the label mean?


Regulations were introduced July 2016 requiring some commercial refrigeration products to carry energy labels, similar to those found on consumer electronic products such as TV’s.

Labels are currently applicable to most solid door commercial refrigerator or freezer products. Prep tables and glass door products are not currently applicable, but may be included in future.

Manufacturers are required to publish these labels so that operators can benchmark and compare running costs of similar products. You can find more information on what the label information means and the reasons behind it here.

Where can I buy True products?


True products are available through distributors across Europe. If you have a preferred supplier, chances are they are a True distributor already, but we can also recommend someone local to you if required. Just get in touch.

I've placed an order for a True product, how will it be delivered to my premises?


Unless Installation services have also been arranged with your supplying distributor, our standard delivery is a drop to the specified premises curb-side. Units are delivered fully packaged and secured to a wooden pallet. In most cases, castors are not pre-fitted. The unpacking and positioning of the cabinet, as well as the disposal of packaging is the responsibility of the buyer.

Within the packaging will be an installation guide, outlining the steps required. Electronic copies of this guide can also be found here for each product family.

If you have any questions, we recommend getting in touch with our customer service team in advance so they can discuss specifics of the product you are intending to purchase, including exactly what will be required to unpack and place the unit, tools required, the unit weight, and how many people we recommend be required.

Who do I call if I have a problem with a product under warranty?


In the first instance, you should contact the company that sold the unit to you. It is their responsibility under the terms of our product warranty to make arrangements for any required service work.

If you are unable to get in touch with the company that sold the unit to you, please contact us to discuss.

How can I check if my product is still under warranty?


The quickest way to check if your True product is still under warranty is to enter the serial number into our online lookup system here. It will advise of the unit’s ‘Ship date’, with the warranty coverage for units sold into mainland European locations provided for 5 Years from this date.

On most True products, the serial number is stated on a label found on the interior left wall of the unit.

For full terms, conditions and exclusions of our warranty coverage, see the policy document here.

Who do I contact about purchasing replacement parts or accessories for my True refrigerator?


True supply parts or accessories through a number of suppliers and wholesalers. Please contact us, and we will be able to refer you to the best source for your requirement.