The True Juice Market

The fruit and vegetable juice craze is here to stay.

Once the market of only athletes and the health-conscious, fresh-pressed juice has grown into a mainstream trend for anyone looking for vitamins, original flavours, and natural products.

Driven by health-consciousness consumers looking for a fast fix as they go about their busy day-to-day, the juice bar industry is on the rise.

Each new bar seeks to carve out a niche of its own, with unique concoctions, creatively named and marketed with specific health benefits like “detox”, “energise” and “immunity-boosting”.

Whether you’re making from fresh or frozen, to-order or pre-mixing and placing in a glass door refrigerator, it is imperative that you keep the products suitably chilled at all times to preserve the natural goodness of the ingredients.

With so many vibrant colours naturally produced by the process, creating eye-catching displays within a perfectly temperature regulated display merchandiser will make your juices look and taste their refreshing best.

Your raw ingredients, whether frozen or delivered fresh by your favourite farmers every day, deserve to be perfectly preserved.

Once prepared, your juices need to keep their nutritional qualities and vibrant colours. Showcase them in our attractive glass door refrigerators and they’re sure to turn heads while being preserved at the correct temperature.

Our refrigerators are opened hundreds of times every day, so we build them for long-lasting durability.