The True Burger Factory

The “better burger” boom may be dying down in Europe and ironically it looks like vegetarian burgers could be the next phase of burger mania over the next few years.

But regardless of what is between the two slices of your bread bun, the burger is still the undisputed fast food king.

A menu staple of international chains and independent operators alike, the variations are as endless as customer demand, from gourmet refinement to gut-busting towers, there’s something for everyone.

To keep up with this demand, you need equipment you can rely on, to preserve your ingredients, improve kitchen operational efficiency, and deliver the perfect burger every time.

More than ever, chains and independent operators need equipment they can count on to preserve the ingredients on which they’ve built their reputation—and loyal following.

Put to the test every day, refrigerators and freezers must meet the needs of kitchen staff who constantly open and close the doors, clean and stock shelves with product.

True products are always up to the challenge.