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Wüst Backerei

Wüst Backerei is a family-run chain of bakeries across Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Founded more than 25 years ago by Remo Wüst, the chain of 16 bakeries is spread across two countries and employs 230 people.

Wüst Backerei bakes out of passion, and this is evident across its chains, baking schools and catering offering.


Wüst Backerei used the following products


Wüst Backerei needed refrigeration solutions to keep produce at set temperatures so that its quality, locally sourced ingredients are preserved. This was massively important to the brand as it does not use preservatives in any of its bakes.

It was also important that all refrigeration solutions were environmentally friendly and long-lasting. Sustainability is hugely important to the Wüst Backerei brand.

Wüst bakeries can serve up to 250,000 customers a year at a single site, so it was crucial the right equipment was in place to deal with demand. It was also imperative that temperatures remained consistent, as doors are regularly opened and closed in the busy kitchen environment.

Prep tables with top pans and swing doors allow kitchen staff to access fresh ingredients and easily prepare their products to order
Upright foodservice refrigerator keeps produce fresh and ready-to-use when needed

The solution

True quickly understood what was needed to ensure Wüst could deliver on its commitments to customers and their own environmental ambitions. Hydrocarbon refrigerators were selected to support Wüst’s CO2-neutral production and logistical operations.

Due to the busy nature of the kitchens, True had to deliver refrigeration solutions with great cooling capacity. We recommended prep tables and an upright foodservice refrigerator to help with both the storage and preparation of fresh products during service

“True and the Wust bakery are a perfect match, since both pay attention to top quality, the process works properly. The guarantee on True’s products, as well as the eco-friendly design, gave us the confidence that we would be investing for the future.”

Remo Wüst

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