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Confidence in your bar as well as your kitchen.

From music festivals to garden parties and sporting events to beer festivals, the sunshine is virtually guaranteed to bring out thirsty punters who like to enjoy the odd tipple or two while they’re out having fun.

However, as an event organiser or bar operator, the process of being able to serve dozens – if not hundreds – of demanding, time-pressed customers is one that you need the utmost confidence in.

Here’s how True’s range of underbar refrigerators and chilled beer dispensers can give you the confidence to serve the perfect drink for…

Music Festivals

Whether you’re organising a major festival with superstar headliners, or a smaller, more intimate gathering, the punters are likely to be thirsty – particularly if the current heatwave continues.

But, with throngs of revellers snaking their way towards the beer tent, you’ll need to be confident that your bar operations are optimised to meet the needs of the thirsty crowd.

Whether your makeshift bar is in a huge marquee or a tiny gazebo, True has a solution to optimise any space, ensuring that as the orders come in, the drinks can be served with minimum fuss or effort.

From over-sized, stainless steel factory balanced back bar cabinets which keep your bottles chilled at an ice cold 0.5°C to 3.3°C, to direct draw beer dispensers delivering the perfect pint of draft beer every time.

Food, drink and beer festivals

In many places, summer usually marks the start of the food, drink and beer festival season, with events large and small taking place in pubs, fields, marquees and stately homes across the UK.

For beer purists, cask and bottled beer remains king, so having ample refrigeration on site for the latter is essential.

Many foodies like to pair the artisan bites on offer at food festivals with their favourite glass of wine or beer, or simply enjoy a tipple in the sunshine.

And the explosion of craft beer in recent years has led to more demand for bar equipment capable of dispensing direct from the keg.

Whatever your requirements, True’s range of units can help you deliver a confident food or beer festival, which keeps the punters coming back for more.

Outdoor events

Whether you’re hosting a summer fayre, a garden party, a barbecue or a wedding reception, having confidence to keep your guests refreshed is a big consideration for event organisers.

While making sure your bar is fully stocked and doesn’t run out is one thing, keeping the beer chilled and ensuring your bar equipment gives you the capacity to handle large or demanding crowds is what can make or break your event.

Whether you’re looking for a single chilled cabinet to keep a few bottles of champagne on ice, right the way up to a dispensing station with multiple pumps and amble barrel storage, True can help.

Even during the hottest services, our units guarantee the coldest temperatures, and because they come in a range of sizes, they can be adapted to suit and space, leaving you to focus on delivering a busy service in a bar that has been configured to suit the way you and your team work.

Sporting events

From cricket to tennis and everything in between, the sunshine is guaranteed to bring sports-loving punters out to support their favourite players or teams.

Usually, they are a thirsty bunch, which is why, if you’re laying on a sporting event no matter how big or small, you need to be confident that your bar service is up to the job.

Our range of underbar cabinets and beer dispensers are capable of churning out chilled bottles, pints of draught, or a combination of the two.

All our units maintain ice cold temperatures of between 0.5°C and 3.3°C, meaning that when things get heated on the field of play, you can help the crowd keep cool.


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